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"OZ" Ouzounian should give back money.
Posted by: MS (IP Logged)
Date: March 10, 2006 04:50PM

Why does it take the Boardman News to uncover another fleesing of Mahoning County.
The commisioners, who fired the old Convention Bureau (but let them take $400,000 in cash with them) decided that they know more about how to fill up motels than motel owners and felt that giving $65,000 to Richard Ouzounian for his self-proclaimed "Western Reserve Film Commission."

The commisioners granted the $65,000 without knowing who is on the commission other than OZ without a even a budget request. The agreement of course was intentionally written to have little accountablity for the spending of the money.

What did this bag of wind, OZ, do with money (SURPRISE) in 5 months
Paid himseld $40,000
Office supplies for his own office $15,000 where only him and his wife work
Who signs the checks? His wife of course.
Who does he use to subcontract work for marketing? MediaTech, the next office where he and his family are the only workers and owners.

Guess who is MediaTech's big client? Chevrolet Center!!!!

And officials wonder why the people in this town are sick of their leadership and the Vindicator. Where is the Vindicator on this fleecing?

PS. Although this guy takes credit for the bringing in Home MakeOver, he in fact was thrown off the set many times which he cried to his buds the commissioners about but of course later denied.

HERE IT IS WILLIAMS. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT SOMEONE LIKE THIS WORKING AT THE CHEVY CENTER. GIVE HIM MORE MONEY LIKE THE COMMISSIONERS? (They paln to give him $150,000 more!!!) Jay, please don't let us down, here is an opprotunity. Do something. Somebody show some leadership


Re: "OZ" Ouzounian should give back money.
Posted by: jr (IP Logged)
Date: March 11, 2006 08:15AM

The irony of this is that the commissioneers fired the last gorup of theives who directed the convention bureau's funds to their clients and assocoates because there was "no accountablity."

Now these guys turn around and give this political self-proclaimed master of media $65,000 under a contract specifically giving OZ no acoountability for the money, the exact thing they fired the last bureau heads.

I agree, if the Commissioners had any leadership they would ask for the money back, but they don't, so why are you bothering!

It would be nice if OZ would at least list here what he did to earn the $40,000 he wrote to himself in 5 months. I assume he also took funds from the Chevy Center above and beyond fair value for services. That should be public record, anyone know what he takes from the Chevy Center?


Re: "OZ" Ouzounian should give back money.
Posted by: 57 LISTENER (IP Logged)
Date: March 15, 2006 05:55PM

After listening to 5700 Radio on this guy, it's amazing they let him keep going.
How aggravating to live in this town. Here is a guy who obviously snoockered the commissioners to give him $65,000 to do nothing and he continues to work at the Chevy Center taking who knows how much more.

Reminds me of the 1.5 million Youngstown gave for the crap land (with no appraisal) under the bridge where the Chevy Center was never built. No heads rolled. We just accept it and move on. Amazing. Why doesn't one single politician have the guts to say STOP THIS! Similar to Morley and Engler who took the $65,000 McDonald & Co. kickbacks and both continue to be on good terms with governmental leaders like nothing happened.
I give credit to Dann for actually saying something on the coin deal. We'll see who actually takes one for that.

As far as this guy. STOP IT! Leadership step up. What are you so afraid of?


Re: "OZ" Ouzounian should give back money.
Posted by: Love Youngstown (IP Logged)
Date: March 17, 2006 02:02PM

For the record,

The original CVB used the monies it had for tourism promotion in Mahoning COunty. You clowns will never get it. That bureau had an audit performed by the State of Ohio each year and of course, there was no money missing, nor was there any misuse of the bed tax. Do you even understand what the bureau does? I bet you would flip if you seen what they do and how they do it. What does the county's official bureau do? I can even get them to call me back! And yes, they have been formed for over two years and have done nothing for promotion but give the film jerk money.

I have heard a figure of 42,000 visitors a year here. What is wrong with all of you! These people actually like to come here.

Maybe someone should actually get the facts of the visitors bureau before you start bashing them. What sounds more appealing, Pittsburgh or Y-town and yet they still manage to get people here.

Try taking the hometown tour that they offer. I went and of course, the commissioners were too busy to attend. What a shame. It really opened my eyes to what is in our own backyard.


Re: "OZ" Ouzounian should give back money.
Posted by: Anonymous (IP Logged)
Date: March 18, 2006 11:15AM

Doesn't this sound like Johnny Darnell? That rag of a paper has such lousy circulation that now he uses the Vindy to further his own agenda of hate. Darnell needs to face the fact that the baton has been passed and his cronies, Costello, Mancinni, Leicht, Patterson, and Daddy-in-law, Sonnieboy Smith are no longer in power. The public needs to understand that things in Boardman township aren't what they seem. If they new how spending has been allowed to go unchecked for all these years they would be very upset. It's time to sit up and take notice of out of control salaries, benefit packages, overtime, take home cars, 4% annual increases, etc. With luck the public will respond and control this by voting no on any new levies.

Re: "OZ" Ouzounian should give back money.
Posted by: Anonymous (IP Logged)
Date: March 20, 2006 12:18PM

1) Darnell did not write any of the above. Typical response when you can't argue facts, attack the messager.

2) Please proove to me the Bureau is needed at all
There is no accountability as to results. Your numbers are less than guesses.
The entire Cleveland area has one Bureau, we have three. WHY other then politics.
The money goes to bureau members clients and friends. Rent, prinitng, audit (never bid). goes on and on.

If the commissioners were concerned about getting people to come to the area they would simply hand the Bureau over to the Hotel Owners instead of political hacks.


Re: "OZ" Ouzounian should give back money.
Posted by: Anonymous (IP Logged)
Date: March 20, 2006 12:57PM

Just turn everything over to the talkshow hosts and editorial writers. They know everything about education, economics, politics, medicine,etc....
They are never wrong and we could eliminate government,schools,and hospitals as we know them.

Re: "OZ" Ouzounian should give back money.
Posted by: Anonymous (IP Logged)
Date: March 21, 2006 11:24AM

Again, you have missed the boat!

Every project that the bureau does, whether it be printing, auditing (which come from the state of Ohio) etc. has always been bid out. That is the way it works. As for accountability, why did the commissioners over the last 20 years have no problem with the financial status of the cvb (and yes they received financial information monthly) until the airport needed money? The region has different bureau's due to different tax bases and commissioners. Cleveland has one set of commissioners. Trumbull, Mahoning has their own. There is a sure formula that all cvb's use for economic impact of tourism.

Ask the hotels/motels of the region how much extra money they have to spend on outside marketing.

Re: "OZ" Ouzounian should give back money.
Posted by: Anonymous (IP Logged)
Date: March 23, 2006 10:09PM

PLEEEZE - Don't try to defend the tourist Bureau. Ask the Motels what kind of job they have done. Bureau members are nothing but political hacks. Always have been. The audit absolutely was not bid out. Answer the question. Why not make all the motel owners Board members. If the goal is to get these motels filled, who knows more?
The answer is if motels owners were Board members the hacks loose control over the money. WHY ELSE? Please tell me. I'm dying to hear this.

Answer this question please. Is there a list of results of where all these rooms were filled by OZ? The answer is no. Please supply a list of motels that support OZ. Motel name # of rooms etc.


Re: "OZ" Ouzounian should give back money.
Posted by: Anonymous (IP Logged)
Date: March 24, 2006 08:35AM

You obviously have no clue how the audit bid process works. The State of Ohio sends out an RPF to those entities that are registered with the state as certified finanical auditors. From that point an informational meeting is arranged between the local state rep, the cvb and the accounting firms that answered the proposal. Once the initial meeting has taken place, each accounting firm sends a monetary proposal to do the audit and of course the firm with the least cost is chosen.The bureau has no choice but to bid. As an accountant, I think I know the process.

I am sure that the board members would not appreciate being called political hacks. Do you think George Roman or Patricia Rose are political hacks? Those people have been put through the ringer for defending the issues of the county coming in and trying to strong arm the bed tax dollars to use for projects other than promoting tourism.

As for board members, there is more to tourism than motels. You must have a diverse group of people to effectively govern the bed tax dollars and market all aspects of the county.

I have worked with this bureau and other bureaus in the state and let me tell you, it is a difficult job to get people to here while we sit in bewteen two international cities with higher population and bigger budgets.

Why do you slame the bureau when the bulk of the bed tax goes to an airport that is not in this county?

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